Tarox 350mm 10 pot grande conversion kits

The Tarox 350mm 10 pot grande braking systems and big brake conversion kits are renowned for being the best Brake Kits that money can buy. As the name suggests these kits are big! Starting from 340mm up to 400mm with a range of calipers from the B34GT 10 up to the absolutely astonishing B400RT-16, visually beautiful and with stopping performance to match they are the perfect choice for all performance cars fitted with at least 18″ wheels. With tailored pistons – although large – these calipers always retain excellent ‘O.E’ pedal feel. 
TAROX follow the quality standard of ISO UNI EN 9001. Most of TAROX’s production, including the majority of its conversion kits, has TÜV approval.  
Autocar said that they deliver so much brake feel and are so well weighted, that you can almost pick the spot where you'd like to stop. In most kits you will receive 2 Calipers, 2 Brake Discs, a set of Brake Pads, Brake Lines, Brackets and all necessary fixings so that in no time at all you will have your OEM brake parts off and your all new high performance brake kits fitted.

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