Hi Spec Race Caliper Seal Service Sets

 In this section we bring you all the soft seat service kits available for the range of Hi Spec race calipers. These are all important and vital parts of your caliper which may be required when it comes to servicing and replacing parts.
These service kits contain a different number of seals, O rings and nipple caps depending on the exact caliper you are using so to ensure that you order the correct seal service set please measure your piston’s for the seal sizes.  Where applicable we ask that at the check out you include the text printed in the top of the caliper.
Kits are available for the following Hi Spec Motorsport calipers:

Hi Spec R114-4 caliper
Hi Spec R126-6 caliper
Hi Spec R132-4 caliper
Hi Spec RR132-4 caliper
Hi Spec R132-6 caliper
Hi Spec RR132-6 caliper
Hi Spec R152-6 caliper

Once you select the correct caliper seal kit you can then choose the caliper type from the drop down menu listed within the product options. 

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