Big Disc Kits

Big disc upgrades are a great way of improving looks and performance of your vehicle. Big disc kits work by increasing the size of your disc with a new 1 or 2 piece disc, bell and/or rotor and then use a caliper bracket to relocate the original caliper in order to accommodate the larger disc.
Front big discs kits allow you to increase your braking performance without the cost of replacing your calipers. This is an affordable solution provided by HiSpec Motorsport and available for a small range of hot hatches and sport cars.
Most big discs kits are made to work in conjunction with your rear brakes and rear handbrake caliper. We recommend checking the products specification for each product which will explain how large the big disc kit is including the disc styles available.
We have categorised all the brake big disc kits we sell by vehicle manufacturer to make it easier to find the right brake kit for your make and model. These kits are available for a range of vehicles from Audi, BMW, Honda, Mazda, Peugeot and many more.