Hi Spec Brakes

Hi Spec Motorsport manufacture road, race, and monster braking systems. They aim to produce brake kits of the highest standard at reasonable prices that suit all of your braking needs. They cater for the general road user, the racer, the kit car enthusiast and the track day fan. We are very proud to support Hi Spec as they have been manufacturered and procduced in the UK from day one and have no intention of moving their manufacturering process abroad. 
Hi Spec Motorsport have been around for decades and are constantly re-designing their products to a higher standard and level of quality. When you link this with new designs and more impressive braking capabilities being unleashed at each turn, we strongly recommend Hi Spec performance brake kits, brake conversions, road calipers, race calipers, and replacement rotors to suit your needs.
If you are currently running a AP Racing brake kit, D2 Racing brake kit or even a K Sport racing brake kit we can provide replacement brake discs and rotors for your kits. After realizing that customers were after affordable replacement brake discs and rotors Hi Spec Motorsport decided it was vastly important to help cater for this market, the listings can be found here.
Looking to engineer your own brake kit from scratch? We will send you a diagram to be completed which will allow us to have your custom products hand crafted with 100% accuracy. This is especially the perfect solution for those looking to replace their 1 piece discs with a 2 piece setup.