D2 Racing front brake kit replacement pads

We understand it is very important to have replacement pads available for your D2 brake kits. We can supply a full range of replacement pads from EBC yellow stuff, blue stuff and red stuff to Ferodo DS2500 pads.
We find that these brake pads offer a great choice in different levels of performance depending on your driving style. If you generally use your vehicle for fast road use with the occasional track day we would recommend the D2 fast road pad, however if you like to drive your car hard and hit the track regularly we recommend the Ferodo DS2500 and even the Performance Friction pads.

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  • EBC – Blue Stuff Replacement Pads for D2 front kits

    £80.29Incl VAT£66.91Excl VAT
  • EBC – Red stuff replacement pads for 6 Pot D2 front kits

    £60.00Incl VAT£50.00Excl VAT
  • EBC – Yellow stuff replacement pads for D2 front kits

    £71.50Incl VAT£59.58Excl VAT
  • KSport – Ferodo DS2500 replacement pads for D2 front kits

    £150.07Incl VAT£125.06Excl VAT
  • Finance available

    Performance Friction – 01 Replacement pads for D2 front kits

    £498.29Incl VAT£415.24Excl VAT