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Hi Spec – Ford Cosworth 4WD 315mm Monster 4 Conversion Kit


From £1,037.50
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Information: This Hi Spec Motorsport 315mm Monster 4 conversion kit will fit your Ford Cosworth 4WD. The Hi Spec Monster kit isfor the heavier road car, the four piston Hi-Spec Monster 4 Conversions are available with disc sizes ranging from 310mm to 360mm. The Monster caliper has a pad one third longer than the Billet 4 which gives a greater pad surface area which in turn increases surface grip. The pad profile allows much larger disc sizes giving increased leverage, higher rotation speed of the disc relative to the pad and more surface area to assist with heat dissipation with the net result of massive stopping power.

What does a full conversion kit do? This full kit combines a Monster-4. 4-pot alloy caliper with large two-piece discs to give a significant increase in stopping power. The improved stopping power of the calipers joins forces with the greater leverage and heat dissipation properties to take braking performance into another league.

Fitting these alloy calipers and light weight one or two-piece discs has the added benefit of reducing unsprung weight. This is more important than just Losing weight from the car. Losing unsprung weight means better handling and response from dampers.

What is a .Monster-4. caliper? With larger pistons and a pad size 33% bigger than Hi Spec's Billet-4. caliper, the Monster-4. is better suited to medium to heavy weight cars or those with serious power. It is CNC machined from aerospace grade billet aluminium resulting in a super-rigid caliper with almost no flex, (a common problem with other alloy calipers). The Monster-4. also features integral dust seals, internal fluid transfer galleries and a fully anodised finish in a choice of colours.

What's included? Everything that is listed below and the additional extras which can be picked from menu above. We like to provide everything that is required for direct fitment with no messing about. We strongly recommend these kits as they are incredible value for money.

Pricing: Product pricing includes the following:

  • 2 x Monster 4 Calipers
  • 2 x Curved Vane Rotors
  • 2 x Aluminimum Bells
  • 1 x Bracket set
  • 1 x Bracket Hardware Pack
  • 1 x Rotor/Bell Hardware Pack
  • 1 x EBC Redstuff Pads (Upgradeable)
  • 1 x Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid
  • 2 x Braided Hoses

Wheel clearance: Before ordering please check your wheel clearances. HiSpec calipers are wider than the standard sliding caliper, therefore we cannot guarantee fitment for every wheel on the market.  You can check your clearances by checking that you have 60mm of clearance from the face of your existing disc to the back of your spokes.

HiSpec brakes: For more information regarding HiSpec brakes and their background, please follow this link to our dedicated HiSpec Motorsport article.

HiSpec Monster 4 brake kit In-store photos: We have the HiSpec Motorsport Monster 4 brake kit in-store for you to view.

HiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kitHiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kit - full kit photo HiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kit - brake caliper photo HiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kit - Braided hoses HiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kit - Rotors and kit HiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kit - Brake rotors HiSpec Motorosport BMW E30 big brake kit - Bespoke bells



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