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Brembo – BMW Z4 Front 355mm 2 Piece 4pot Brake Kit


From £2,810.77
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Information: This Brembo 355mm 4 pot brake conversion kit will fit your BMW Z4 Front. The Brembo Gran Turismo Brake System is the ultimate complete high performance brake upgrade system. It comprises of ventilated, integral or composite discs, available drilled or slotted, 4 and 8 piston aluminium calipers, a complete set of high performance brake pads, metal braid tubes and high quality small parts.

  • This Brembo kit is designed to fit your BMW Z4 Front from years 1996>
  • The Brembo Discs/Rotors supplied with this kit are 2 piece 355*32mm

Brembo Gran Turismo Braking Systems provide amazing stopping power during day to day use, as well as the ultra high performance you would expect from Brembo products when used for track days.

All Brembo brake systems are designed to fit perfectly onto the vehicle's original setup, and are fully compatible with the vehicle's OE parts and anti-lock braking system (ABS). Most Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Systems have been developed specifically to replace the vehicle's front brakes. We recommend Brembo Sport brake disks to replace standard rear disks and provide a matched appearance on all four wheels.

Pricing: Product pricing is for a 1 complete kit (both front hubs)

Photos: The photos provided are for illustration, fitting kits and brackets may be different depending on the brake kit application. 

Kit Content: 

  • Cross-Drilled or Slotted Discs (2 piece)
  • High Performance Friction Pads
  • Fitting Kit (where required)
  • Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines (where applicable)
  • Six Piston Cast Aluminium Calipers
  • Many of the GT systems require modification to, or removal of the OEM dust shield or backing plate.

Caliper Colours:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver

Additional notes: 

  • Braking systems consisting of motorsports-derived components offering superlative performance for both normal driving and demanding track day sessions
  • In certain applications as a result of the GT's upgraded aluminium calipers and larger diameter brake discs, aftermarket wheels will be required to ensure the necessary brake clearance.

High Performance Rotor: 

  • The discs supplied in the kit, which may either be floating or integral, depending on the specific car model, feature an exclusive venting system that improves cooling capacity and increases resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock by over 40%.
  • Cross-drilled and slotted finishes are designed and executed with meticulous precision. These holes or slots in the braking surface help dissipate heat and eliminate brake dust and gases.
  • A set of high-performance brake pads with specific friction materials for each application, TÜV/DOT homologated metal-braided hoses, an adapter and high-quality fastener hardware complete the kit.

Brembo Brakes: For more information regarding Brembo and their range of braking products including manufacturer details, please follow this link to our dedicated Brembo Brake Section.


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