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High performance big brake kits, discs, pads and hoses are available from all the world's leading brands including Brembo, Black Diamond, D2, HiSpec, K Sport, Tarox and more. Big brakes are the ultimate way to vastly improve your cars braking performance, which is essential if you car is highly tuned and these manufacturers produce the best of the best kits and parts.

Brembo brakes: Brembo are possibly the most famous and well known of all the brands. Used on factory cars from standard including Porsche, Ferrari they also produce fantastic aftermarket braking solutions.

Black Diamond: When you want to increase th performance of your brakes but don't want the expensive of a full kit, Black Diamond replacement discs and pads will do the trick. 

Corbeau Brake Lines: Corbeau have developed their braided hose systems which are available for thousands of applications and in many different colours

D2 Brakes: D2 are becoming increasing popular due to their affordable pricing and huge specifications including 6 and 8 pot calipers. 

EBC Brakes: EBC are some of the most famous brake in the world and produce their performance range of Turbo grooved discs which are a great upgrade over OEM discs and pads

Freno Carbon: Freno produce some of the world's most advanced Carbon brake discs and pads. The specifications of these products is a must see for anyone finding them selves constantly replacing discs on track.

HiSpec Motorsport:  Manufactured in the UK to the highest levels of quality, HiSpec Motorsport brakes are not to be missed and are available for a huge number of sport cars and hot hatches. 

K Sport Brakes: Made and produced along with D2 brakes they are once again affordable and boast fantastic specifications. 

Tarox brakes: Brakes with Italian flare, style and design. Tarox brakes are high quality and designed with your needs in mind. Produced to perform fantastically and look stunning.