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Bespoke Brake Discs

We are able to create custom bells, discs and rotors to your specification and requirements. Simply complete our custom bell and rotor forms with the dimensions requested and we will have these made within 14 days.

Common reasons to create a custom disc and rotor:

  • Create a 2 piece split bell/rotor to replace a 1 piece disc
  • Create a replacement rotor for a discontinued application
  • Create replacement parts at affordable prices for expensive brake kits

Brake disc bolt and bobbin packs:

  • You will need these to bolt your new disc rotor and bell together
  • The bobbin packs are for floating discs and bolts are for standard discs

Production specifications:

  • Select the brake rotor or bell option to the right and complete your requirements using the drop down menu. 

Performance bespoke brake discs, rotors and bells

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