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Fast Car magazine - defining car culture


Fast Car magazine is a UK-based car magazine covering the modified car market. It was the first UK magazine focusing on this genre. It is owned by Future Publishing, based in Bath, Somerset. The magazine is published 13 times a year. Fast Car started as a performance car magazine, but now specialises in readers interested in Japanese, European cars and the car culture genre.

The Audited Bureau of Circulations (ABC) reports that Fast Car's sales peaked at 127,620 copies in 2003. Fast Car has been the market leader in this segment since 2007.

 FastCar magazine, defining car culture

Practical Performance Car Magazine - Performance tuning for grown ups

Practical Performance Car Magazine ("PPC") is a British car magazine published monthly by Blockhead Media. The magazine uses the strap-lines "Performance Tuning for Grown Ups" and "Building, tuning & buying real-world performance cars. The magazine takes an expert DIY approach to its stated interest areas (above), covering topics in three distinct sections.

 Performance Car magazine