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Hi Spec R132-4 335mm Conversion kits

Hi Spec R132-4 335mm Conversion kits

For the heavier cars the R132-4 335mm kit and caliper is an ideal choice, these calipers are available in several profiles to suit disc sizes: 275mm, 300mm, 330mm and 360mm. Hi Spec brakes are manufacturered in the UK and are hand made for each customer to your exact specification. We can provide this with a vast range of colours, disc styles and pad types. HI Spec Motorsport have been established for years and have won many engineering awards for their products.


All the Hi Spec racing brake kits in this section feature:

  • 2 Piece 335mm * 32mm discs
  • R132-4 anodised black racing calipers
  • Hardware and brackets for specific vehicles


We strongly recommend upgrade the front brakes on your vehicle before looking at other braking solutions or rear kits. A high percentage of the stopping power is achieved through the front brakes and should be more powerful than the the rear brakes. The size of the caliper requiered will also depend on the size and the weight of the vehicle they are being fitted to.

HiSpec brakes fitted with large brake discs

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