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Hi Spec Monster 6 replacement pads

Hi Spec Monster 6 replacement pads

 All the brake pads in this area are made to work with the Hi Spec Motorsport Monster 6 caliper system. With each pad you will be able to choose which size disc and pads size you curently have set up with your vehicles HI Spec braking system. We have designed these products options to be as easy to use as possible.

The brake pad manufacturers that we recommend who produce pads for Hi Spec brake calipers:

  • EBC
  • Ferodo
  • Mintex
  • Pagid

For daily road use and occassional track use we recommend the EBC Greenstuff pads, for those wanting a good quality upgrade we recommend the Ferodo DS2500 and for those wanting a track specific pads we recommend the Mintex 1166.

Hi Spec Monster 4 and 6 conversion kit replacement performance pads

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