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Ford Big Disc Kits

Ford Big Disc Kits


Ford Big disc brake kits are a fantastic way of increasing your braking performance without having to change your calipers or bleed your brake lines. These high performance brake disc kits are made to replace your original specification disc with a larger disc along with a caliper bracket to space out your original caliper to match.

These are availabile for a range of models including the Ford Cosworth, Escort Mk5, Escort Mk6, Fiesta Turbo, Escort Mk5, Focus RS and more. 

These kits will increase the diameter of the disc and the amount of disc which can be used by your brake pad before re-heating the same piece of disc. This helps to reduce heat build up within the brake disc and the brake pad.

Each kit from Tarox is available with different styles including the Tarox C83 Straight Grooves, Tarox D95 Cross Drilled, Tarox F2000 Grooved and Tarox Sport Japan Plus

The photo below shows a Tarox 2 piece big disc kit with F2000 grooved rotors. The photo shows the 2 piece set up between the bell and the disc rotor.   

Performance big disc kits for a range of Ford cars including the Cosworth


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